shoeb guggenheim resize
photo by Christian Meaas Svendsen

Shoeb Ahmad offers a rich and extensive background in contemporary music while running the idiosyncratic imprint hellosQuare for over a decade. Using guitar, keyboard, voice and computer, he works both as singer/composer and improvisor when performing solo or as member of the groups Spartak, Agency, Sensaround and Tangents. Many of these projects also feature his talents as a producer and engineer, with a unique sensibility to sonic space coming to the fore.

Combining both acoustic and electronic approaches to music-making, Shoeb has released a diverse range of original music, including the well received Watch/Illuminate on English label Mystery Plays Records while also collaborating with numerous directors and choreographers to provide sound design and soundtrack material for live theatre and dance works. More recently, Shoeb has begun to explore composition for chamber ensembles, taking inspiration from 20th Century avant-classical works, Indian ragas and minimalist electronic music.
He has performed throughout Australia, Japan, New Zealand, the UK and the SE Asian region at venues such as The Judith Wright Centre (Brisbane), The Street Theatre (Canberra), Cafe OTO (London), Rough Trade East (London) and Pit Inn (Tokyo) with Australian festival appearances for Open Frame, Liquid Architecture, You Are Here and TheNowNow.

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