agency - photo by zk photo lo-resSia Ahmad – guitar, vocals, keyboards
Hew Atkin – guitars, vocals
Luke Robert – bass, vocals

Featuring former members of Hoodlum Shouts, A Drone Coda and Tangents, Agency are one of the most original acts to emerge from Australia’s capital city. With grinding angular guitars, sludge smeared bass lines, and haywire vocals, the four-piece ooze a uniquely chaotic energy that’s all their own.

Having released their debut LP The Stillness Of Speed and supported the likes of Title Fight, Self Defense Family, My Disco and Mere Women, Agency continued their evolution as a creative punk quartet with the twin EP release of Do We Go It Alone? and I Know I’m In Flames ahead of their first SE Asian tour in August 2016

Their second album Wild Possession was recorded in three days at Ahmad’s home studio space Brick Lane with powerhouse Jonathan Boulet (Party Dozen, Arse). A brisk 22 minutes in total, the band takes their trademark noise rock twists adds direct pop actions at times and expansive discourse in others. The album features Hayden Fritzlaff from Moaning Lisa on drums with further guest appearances by Joel Saunders (Spirit Bunny), Peter Hollo (Tangents), Hannah de Feyter on Buffaloes and Tom Lyngcoln (Harmony/The Nation Blue). |