installation / 60 minute work for in-room speakers (stereo) and three headphones
composition / electric guitar, shruti box, harmonium, clarinets, trumpet, electronics, drums, percussion

Parramasala @ ICE, Parramatta 11-12 March 2017 (installation)
TheNOWNow Festival, Sydney, 28 January 2018 (live installation)
Arts Centre Melbourne, Melbourne, 9 December 2018 (composition performance)

Inspired by my own teenage experiences and the stories of others with a similar background, Bangladeshi-Australian sound artist Shoeb Ahmad explores the blooming of one’s inner sexuality, meditations on intimacy and exploration of personal relationships in im/modesty, a 60 minute sound work that uses a text narrative for three voices to guide the listener through a psycho-geographic trip of one’s sub-continental heritage, written for and manipulated from Indian electronic instruments, harmonium and percussion as well as field sounds recorded in southern India and Bangladesh.

‘im/modesty’ was originally developed as a multi-speaker installation during a residency in Kerala, Southern India in 2016 with its presentation at Parramasala in 2017 with live installation performance as part of TheNOWNow Festival in 2018. Upon commission from the Australian Art Orchestra, the original installation work was reworked into a semi-composed/semi-improvised work for small ensemble and premiered as part of their Meeting Points series at the Arts Centre Melbourne in December 2018.