Winery Psalms


directed and curated by Lucinda Coleman
produced by Remnant Dance

1958 Nishida Cabernet Merlot; Beauty is the appearance of eternity in time (Kitaro Nishida)
choreographed by Lucinda Coleman
performed by Ellen Avery, Samantha Coleman, Katie Chown, Jacqui Otago, Caroline Stevenson, Esther Scott and Joanna Tan
artist: Sue Starcken
composers: Johannes Lubbers, Shoeb Ahmad

Fillaudeau’s Restaurant Swan Valley Western Australia, 15-21 April 2016

“In response to a fragment of text and aroma of wine, 6 short contemporary dance theatre pieces welcome engagement with others through the collaborative work of visual artists, composers, choreographers and dancers. Audiences are invited to experience viscerally sensory connection through visual, aural and kinaesthetic (wine tasting and responding to site-responsive installations) mediums.” from Remnant Dance website

Composer and pianist Johannes Lubbers invited me to join him on this project, using the words of Nishida to inspire us with creating a 15 minute soundtrack based on our own electric guitar and grand piano improvisations. Based on a narrative we devised, we cut down the improvisations into four sections that we then divided between the two of us to manipulate and tweak into structure away from one another before placing them again in a final arrangement for dancer Lucinda Coleman to use during her choreographic process.